May 29, 2017


Creep (Radiohead Cover) Live at Blacklist

Homegrown Music Festival 2017 was a great show for us. Blacklist was packed and people seemed genuinely into what we were doing. We had an absolute blast! This particular tune is a Radiohead cover we bust out from time to time. If you listen closely you’ll hear us shout out our friend Borman who’s drunken commentary can also be heard in the background. Big thanks to Em Kay for the video!

Jessica Marie Live at Bayfront Harvest Festival

Jason Wussow set us up with this great opportunity to play at the Bayfront Harvest Festival in 2016. Fun and food for the whole family! The song is an original Sean wrote chronicling the events of the world over a period of time through the lens of his growing relationship with his now wife Jessica. It’s often a fan favorite at shows and we love to hear from people who get the references to W. and HST. Thanks to Patty who shot this video for us.

West Tischer Road Live at The Rex
Featuring Dave Clark

Sometimes you invite a good buddy to join you on stage! This time it was drummer extraordinaire and all around great dude Dave Clark. We love having great musicians and friends join us on stage! West Tischer Road is a song about taking a love back with you to where you grew up, and the persistant power of a genuine smile. Thanks to Nick for this video

She (Green Day Cover) Live at Beaner’s

This is our stripped down version of once of my all time favorite songs. The Trash Cats love to take a well written song like this and morph it into a different style. Thanks to Jeff for shooting this video!