June 5, 2020

Trash Cat Tuesdays

Born Out of Necessity

During the early days of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we like many artists struggled with how to fill the void left by not playing shows. We’ve come to rely on our live shows to break up the monotony of daily life and let loose everything that’s built up in our psyche since the last show. Suddenly, that outlet was not only threatened, but said to be a public health risk


A friend of ours became very involved in an online community that started in Minneapolis but quickly spread across the nation. Musicians were challenging each other to learn and play covers on Facebook live streams. This planted the seed. As we did a few of these and learned the ropes it occurred to us that we could do shows from the comfort of our homes.

Stay at Homegrown

With Homegrown Music Festival cancelled, many Duluth musicians took to the internet to try and stage some semblance of the yearly festival that has come to define our local music scene over the last couple of decades. It was our first true attempt at staging an online show. The quality was awful but the content was good. And most importantly, people seemed to enjoy it…. we sure did!


We’d played around with the idea of creating a weekly blog before. We hadn’t considered that it would be a video diary of sorts, but our hand was somewhat forced. While still under COVID restrictions, we need to stay “in shape” and we MUST play! So we came up with the idea to set up themes and play little 20-30 minute weekly minishows for all of you to enjoy.

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