The Ghosts of Ides Sets Past

#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 18

The Ides of March is a festival in Duluth, MN in which local bands choose a band that has influenced them and prepares a cover set of their music. I’ve done this festival for the last 7 years and Matt has been at my side for quite a few of those as well. Even the sets he hasn’t been a part of, a song or two has worked it’s way into our repertoire.

Unfortunately, this year I was all set to do Green Day’s Dookie album cover to cover when Covid hit and our show was cancelled. A make up day was scheduled for September, but we couldn’t get the group together to do the Green Day set, so Matt an I stepped in to do a set of tunes compiled over the last 7 years worth of Ides sets.

This week and one or two more episodes will explore the music we’ve chosen over the years to perform at Ides. This is the first in the series:

  1. English Curse – Frank Turner
  2. Comedown – Bush
  3. The Background – 3rd Eye Blind
  4. I Still Believe – Frank Turner
  5. Motorcycle Drive By – 3rd Eye Blind

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