The Dropouts

#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 3

One of our favorite tricks to pull out is to take the paws off the instruments for a second and just sing. There is a certain rush that one gets from singing A Capella, especially when you know you have to hit the chords on the instruments soon and simply hope you’re still in the same key you started in! It’s fun, it’s a rush, and sometimes it turns a few heads in the audience wondering what the heck we’re doing!

Nothing makes us happier than when someone comes up to us after a show to commend us on our harmonies. We’ve worked hard on them and LOVE when people appreciate them. This is a way for us to showcase those harmonies all on their own, and hopefully not slip from A to Ab in the process! This weeks episode showcases the 4 tunes we typically use this trick in, but we’ve added a 5th.

In light of the awful news out of Minneapolis today, we felt it was important to reiterate a point that we’ve made in the past and will continue to make over and over again. Please be kind to each other. A terrible atrocity like this can bring out the worst in all of us. The anger that we feel today shouldn’t be overlooked, but it’s still important to put some kindness into the world.


  1. She – Green Day
  2. If Ever I Stray – Frank Turner
  3. Ruby – Dave Rawlings Machine
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something
  5. Be More Kind – Frank Turner


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