The Classic Open

Welcome to #TrashCatTuesday!

Each week we will be going live on Facebook at 6pm CST to play a short themed set! Our goal is to make this content available on as many platforms as possible, so keep an eye out for more details on that! While this idea was, of course, born out of necessity,it is something we hope to continue beyond the COVID-19 quarantine dystopia we currently find ourselves in.

It seemed that the best way¬† to kick off this new project was to play the songs we typically open most of our shows with. We’ve curated this list to open shows with because it accomplishes a few things for us. Firstly, we can learn a lot about an audience from this group of songs. We have a variety of slow and upbeat, original and cover, folk and rock; all allowing us to gauge the audiences reactions to each and see what will be best received. Secondly, we play a lot of shows at Sir Ben’s and Ursa Minor. Both have people finishing up dinner when we start playing. None of these songs are anywhere near our most raucous. This allows us to ease in the dinner crowd as they convert to the drunker, dancier and more “ready to rock” bar crowd. Lastly, these songs have lows and highs, a lot of harmonies, and are pretty simple to play. All of this allows us to get out sound dialed in. When you play Sir Ben’s and Ursa Minor you need to run your own sound. This list gives us a chance to hear what we sound like loud and quiet and make adjustments.

So without further adieu, here is The Trash Cats Classic Open. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Out on the Weekend – Neil Young
  2. Save Death – The Trash Cats
  3. West Tischer Road – The Trash Cats
  4. The Way I Tend to Be – Frank Turner
  5. Valerie – Amy Winehouse

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