Stuck Inside

#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 2

Welcome back Cats and Kittens! This weeks theme was Stuck Inside. We are all living in this weird space right now in which we are all a little more bound to the house than perhaps we would like. Especially now as we pass the 2 month mark of COVID Restricted life, and spring has sprung in Duluth we are finding it harder and harder to remain home bound. So this we played a few tunes that, although none are actually about our current situation, seem to speak to the experience we are all sharing.

We tried to go with a mix of emotions in terms of the way these songs apply to our current situation, but the one that really stood out to us this week was Frank Turner’s 21st Century Survival Blues. He wrote the and released the tune a few years ago and it is largely about how today’s humans are ill prepared to deal with an apocalypse. Hopefully we’ll never find out how right he might be, but man did that song seem like it could be written about the current pandemic.

Anyway, enough babbling, here’s the video! Enjoy and share!

  1. The Next Storm – Frank Turner
  2. Beijing and The Bends – The Trash Cats
  3. 21st Century Survival Blues – Frank Turner
  4. Look What Happened – Less Than Jake

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