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#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 6

This weeks episode was born out of necessity. When you play as many dinner shows as we have over the years, you develop a keen eye for who is in your audience. Are we able to drop an f-bomb or 2? Or is that a 10 year old kid eating with their family over there?

We got tired of avoiding certain songs all the time simply because they have a swear word or 12, so we found a workaround. It kind of started with the Blink 182 track from this episode. We found that if you call it out a head of time, and make a joke of how you’re going to edit the song on the fly people enjoy being in on it.

We are doing our best to keep these streams/videos totally family friendly. It absolutely tickles us that peoples kids get down to Trash Cats. We’ve loved playing brunch at Wussow’s or the Children’s Museum fundraisers just to see if we can make the little ones dance!

  1. Creep – Radiohead
  2. Tell Tale Signs – Frank Turner
  3. Losing a Whole Year – 3rd Eye Blind
  4. Backwards Walk – Frightened Rabbit
  5. Dammit – Blink 182


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