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#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 10

10 Episodes! Feels like a landmark and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us through this journey. Now down to business.

This was a tough one.

We didn’t set out to play the most depressing set we’ve ever played, but it happened. There is some heavy material in here, not the least of which was Scott Hutchison’s self fulfilling suicide prophecy. When we realized we had enough material to do this topic a few times, we didn’t intentionally categorize it this way, but this week was largely about depression. And we felt it.

It felt like being hit by an emotional truck when I got home to cut the video. Rewatching it brought that lump right back into my throat. Music has the power to really fuck you up man. These songs are sad, heavy, depressing, and yet beautiful. We hope you enjoy them too.

  1. Old Lost Shame – The Trash Cats
  2. Floating on the Forth – Frightened Rabbit
  3. 3rd Floor – The Trash Cats
  4. The Funeral – Band of Horses
  5. The Freshmen – The Verve Pipe

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