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#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 17

There are a lot of songs about places. A place can be a home. It can trigger memories of a specific time. It can even be a villain in your story (I’m talking about you Winnipeg!).

This weeks selection is all about places. Whether it’s a place you don’t want to go like London or Winnipeg, or coming home to Lakewood Township on the West Tischer Road places can elicit all sorts of emotions. One of those emotions is the sheer joy we see on peoples faces when we play Africa in bars after the crowd has had a few.

Sorry for the audio this week. We’ve failed you as a species with this one. We will do better next time….

  1. London – 3rd Eye Blind
  2. Africa – Toto
  3. Beijing and the Bends – The Trash Cats
  4. One Great City! – The Weakerthans
  5. West Tischer Rd. – The Trash Cats

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