May 29, 2017


3rd Floor – The Trash Cats

This recording is form the very early days of The Trash Cats. Recorded at Matt’s dad’s home studio in Rice Lake Township. In the early days Sean was still playing an his electric guitar, so things sounded a bit different. Many tracks were recorded those days, but this one take version of Matt’s song, 3rd Floor, was the clear triumph of the day. Go ahead and give a listen to The Trash Cats from 2015.


Freshmen – The Verve Pipe

A peek behind the curtain here. The boys are busy! Jobs, kids, wives, and those beards aren’t going to groom themselves! Sometimes one Trash Cat will record a new cover at home and send it to the other to learn. Occasionally (more often then we usually admit…) the first time a new cover is played together it’s live at a show! Here’s an example of just such a tune. This is Sean’s demo of Freshmen by The Verve Pipe so Matt could learn it while hanging at home with his then pregnant wife.