#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 4

DADGAD: Fun to say, and even more fun to play!

On a recent live stream by Frank Turner, he spoke a bit about the alternate tuning he’d used to write and record a couple of our favorite tracks of his. Realizing that we had a couple of extra guitars laying around we decided it was high time I learn to play in this tuning. I instantly fell in love with it, to the point where playing my standard tuned guitar actually felt a little odd

The beauty of this tuning is that there is no major, and no minor, just open 5ths. It gives a really beautifully open and jangly sound. To compliment this we also scooped the mids and lows on the DADGAD tuned guitar and really beat the heck out of it. It was so much fun. I can see how a guy could get used to playing that way.

The tuning being different also means all of the fingerings are different. You’ll hear me joke in the video about relearning to play the same instrument but it’s very true. While the instrument itself is familiar, playing it in a new and different way really makes your brain work in new and different ways as well. We will definitely be bringing this tuning into our shows and are already in the process of writing a new song utilizing it.

You also will hear us talk in the video about the loss of Scott Hutchison 2 years ago to suicide. I wish we had a good charity to highlight in the US, but unfortunately we haven’t found the right one yet. So in lieu of that here is the link to Tiny Changes which is the charity in Scotland we reference. We will do some work to find the best option for us stateside and promote it in a later video.


  1. London – 3rd Eye Blind
  2. To Take You Home – Frank Turner
  3. Rivers – Frank Turner
  4. Modern Leper – Frightened Rabbit

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