Crowd Pleasers

#TrashCatTuesday – Episode 14

We’ve played a lot of shows. And a lot of those shows have been 2, 3 and 4 hour bar sets. In doing so many of those you really start to hone in on some crowd favorites. Never the ones to play Wonderwall or Wagon Wheel, we’ve tried to reach a little deeper to find the tunes that get people up, dancing and singing along.

We’ve got a variety of reasons the songs below work. Bad Fish and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are extremely well known songs that people love to sing along to. Put it Down and If Ever I stray might not be that well know, but they’re super dance-able and have catchy choruses that even people who haven’t heard the song before can catch on and sing along to. And Motorcycle Drive By is a cult favorite that no one really expects to hear.

Whatever the reason, this list below is one we pull from if we’ve got a crowd on our side and people are jamming along and we just want to keep that ride going. Hope you enjoy this weeks show. If you do, please like/comment/subscribe to help up spread the word!

  1. Bad Fish – Sublime
  2. Put it Down – Wookiefoot
  3. Motorcycle Drive By – 3rd Eye Blind
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something
  5. If Ever I Stray – Frank Turner

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