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The Trash Cats

The Trash Cats are Duluth’s premier acoustic cat rock duo. From foot stomping originals to tender 90’s alt rock covers, there’s something for everyone at a Trash Cats Show. The boys pride themselves on tight harmonies and great use of the space between the notes.

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Matt Sjelin

Matt was born in the Twin Ports area of Duluth, MN. One of those rare birds who moved away to the Twin Cities and came back, he’s in love with the lake, and gets irritated when he lives in flatlands. By best recollection, he started piano lessons at age 6, which marks 2017 as his 30 year anniversary hunched over a keyboard.

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Sean Mahoney

Sean was born and raised in St. Paul where he began playing saxophone at age 12. Sean moved to Duluth in 2001 to pursue a degree in music at The University of Minnesota – Duluth. It didn’t go great. Turns out that while invaluable lessons were learned in the fields of performance and theory, this was not the correct path for Sean.

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Duluth, MN

"We are proud to be part of such an active and vibrant scene"

On any given night there are probably in the neighborhood of 30 shows, open mics, hoedowns, hootenannies, punk rock mosh pits and various other performances. From big venues like Clyde Iron Works and The Rex, to coffee houses, restaurants and bar shows, to peoples basements, there is always something happening here.

The Trash Cats thrive on this. They are often found playing a 3-4 hour set at a Little Angies or Sir Ben's, but are equally as likely to be opening for rock bands at RT Quinlan's or....well Sir Ben's. With an ever-growing list of songs, The Trash Cats are one of those rare bands that fit in to almost any lineup.

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  • Silky Smooth Harmonies

  • Lotsa G and C chords,
    Excellent capo use

  • Blazing fast arpeggios
    uses all 88 keys

  • Always on point

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